Our society based on Laws and a Social Contract recognizes Individual Freedoms to citizens capable of, autonomous and rational. Thus, our Societal Freedom depends on the Legal Organization of the country. Under the concept of Civic Virtue, the Western liberal tradition, very attached to Freedom as the First Word of the Republican Motto, has therefore endeavored to balance the human relations between the freedom to which each man aspires and the acceptance of the constraints of Life in society.

However, in spite of an Organized Freedom, our world subjected to more and more Fast Evolutions, resulting from Creative Imaginations and Generous Inventions, always seems fragile and dependent on the Cultural Gravity, The Emotional Brakes and producer of Social Injustices. Since the Enlightenment, Scientific Progress, a factor of Present Well-being, was to replace the religious based on the hope of a well-being elsewhere. However, the belief in a better future has dimnished and progress, yesterday equalization factor of the conditions and well-being, is today considered as a threat for the survival of the man and his ecosystem. As a corollary, the return of fundamentalism it is not the sign that we have missed Malraux’s prophecy on a 21st Century of spirituality?

Faced with these questions and these challenges, the use of foresight defined by its designer Gaston Berger as “An Attitude for Action that takes into account the Characteristics of the Future, according to Man” is necessary. Among the followers of the Pietist Determinism, the Conservatives anxious that nothing changes, the cynics ready for all the changes as long as nothing moves and the unconscious for whom “Whatever Happen”, it is necessary to regain the freedom of a chosen common destiny and to resume the Meaning of the action by setting the goal of understanding the real to achieve the ideal.

If our past is already played out, your future deserves reflection, Prepare it with Us.