Prospective strategy

  • to bring together  and mobilize the skills, experience and collective and multidisciplinary intelligence of experts, specialists, professionals and citizens ;
  • apprehend complexity with common sense and simple ideas ;
  • to list and tag possible futures, with « reasoned confidence » and « rational distrust » (Gaston Bachelard) by questioning:
    • conformism,
    • the ideas received and dominant,
    • certainty and knowledge acquired,
    • the brakes,
    • possible manipulations ;
  • Identification of technological breakdowns and inherent risks associated with change and innovation ;
  • Establish. assumptions and the « play of possible » (François Jacob) in relation to their coherence, probability, usefulness and societal effects at the macro and micro-economic scale (global vision for local action) ;
  • Be confronted with the applicability of the assumptions used in the real
    to elaborate. specific FTS audits and support entrepreneurial spirit
    to direct action and set goals ;
  • Offer of proactive choices online ;
  • Communicating, preparing symposiums and disseminator analyses.
  • Drive change and put in place the Greek triangle: