Strategic Committee

  Management  Committee:

Guylain CHEVRIER: PhD in history, social work trainer, public relations consultant, law teacher at the University. Former member of the High Council’s secularism mission to integration. Latest work: secularism, emancipation and social work, collection BUC-ressources, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2017.

Management  Communication :Bénédicte de FAULTRIER State employee at the Ministry of National Education after law studies in Nancy 2 and Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas, Institute of Advanced International Studies Early career in the minister’s office, then at the direction of Higher Education for the renovation of industrial sector training. Currently in the mission of piloting research for the evaluation of the education system and training.Service of the High Defense and Security Officer.Ministry of the Interior, Directorate of Immigration, Diplomatic Relations.Trainer in Constitutional Law for Since 2018, special advisor to the director of the Moroccan magazine “Perspectives Stratégiques”. President of the French-Moroccan National Association for Compensation for Foreign Owners with Real Property in Danger in Morocco.
Knight of the Academic Palms.
My motto “the joy of the soul is in action”
  Professional Officer of the United Nations, Jean-Jacques ROCHE is Professor of political science at the Université Panthéon-INAS (Paris 2) where he heads the higher Institute of armaments and defence (ISAD) and the professional master “defense and dynamics Industrial “. A specialist in International Affairs, he works mainly on security issues, with particular attention to the analysis of developments concerning the privatization of security. Director of studies of the Institute of advanced studies of national defence (IHEDN) and administrator of the National Institute of higher security and justice studies (INHESJ). Visiting Professor at the universities of Barcelona (Autonoma), Berkeley, Bogota (Externado), Brussels (ULB), Galatasaraï, Geneva (UNIGE), Kobe, Leipzig (IEP), Montreal (UQAM), Sao-Paulo, Guangzhou (Sun-Yat-Sen), Taipei (Taiwan National University), Warsaw…
The General (2S) Jean-Louis ESQUIVIÉ began his career by the special military school (Saint-Cyr): 1962-1964 and the finished as Commander of all the schools of the gendarmerie (14): 1994-1998, appointed General of Division and party in the second section. Today, founding President of the Institute of studies and research for business safety (IERSE; Master 2) with the Sorbonne, the gendarmerie and the companies. Adviser to Presidents of security companies. Lecturer and publications (counter-terrorism); author of: “the role of the officer in democracy” (edited and disseminated in Poland with a preface by General Jaruzelski) and “the fabulous destiny of the neglected children of Mohamed Ali” (the harmattan). Member of many associations. President of the Association: ‘ ‘ the collective for the speech of General de Gaulle of 16 June 1946 in Bayeux ‘ ‘, President of the Academie’marie Harel ‘ ‘. President of the Institute of citizen resilience said IRC, don’t the Honorary President is Professor and psychiatrist Cyrulnik. Intervening in Baghdad at the Centre for strategic studies (2016). Knight of the Legion of honour and officer of the national order of merit.

Magali CROCHARD, teacher and researcher in Sociology of education and training, consultant and lecturer for more than 15 years with public and parapubliques institutions, she is adverb in charge of the conception, the conduct and evaluation of violence prevention measures in schools. She was a lecturer at the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Université Paris 13, and associate lecturer at the Université Paris Saclay.  A reservist, she regularly intervenes in establishments of the 1st and 2nd degree at the request of managers of academic services, IEN, heads of establishments, principals of schools and teachers.

Elisabeth WIECZOREK, an associate of classical letters, first taught at a College in a priority education area. A PhD in Philology, she has become an academic in information and communication sciences, specializing in media, corporate communication and, above all, intercultural communication and international management. Attached to the University of Paris 10 – Nanterre (as part of the master M2I, intercultural management international), she also intervened in the DESS of geopolitics of Marne-la-Vallée and contributed to the creation of the master of intercultural communication at the CELSA-Paris 4 Sorbonne. She was a member of the National Council of universities and followed the trainings of Inhesj and IHEDN (île-de-France).

Geneviève EVEN-GRANBOULAN, born 20-01 -1945, Professor of universities (retired since 2003), associate of philosophy, 1967, PhD in postgraduate philosophy, 1970, doctor of letters, 1983; Assistant then Master-Assistant, Department of philosophy, University of tours, 1969-1986 and 1998-2003, Professor of universities, 1985, University of technology of Compiègne, 1986-1998. Fulbright Awards 1984 and 1990. Lecturer, ethics and finance, at the Université de Paris-Dauphine, DESS 203, 1990-1993. Lecturer at the Institut d’Etudes politiques de Paris, general culture, 1990-2002.
Main publications: action and reason, 1986.
Ethics and economics, 1998. Prix Association of science-Po teachers.
A woman of thought, Hannah Arendt, 1990. Vaclav Havel, a President and philosopher, 2003. (prefaces of Paul Ricoeur).
Interests: limits of rationality applied to human action, professional ethics, economic and financial adverb; moral and political philosophy.
Since 2003, history of the French resistance (OCM), pendant of the second world war. The new forms of totalitarianism in the 21st century. Study of contemporary China. Islam and religion.
Organization of a literary Café in Touraine, since 2003.
Henriette CAUX, official and permanent student, holder of the diploma master 2 (m2) Université Paris 2 Panthéon-INAS of the higher Institute of armaments and defence (2014 – 2015) with the memory of “the weapons of industrial Cyber Defence” and a previous diploma master 2 (m2) University of Orléans field of studies information management (SIME SVETIC 2013 – 2014 with the memory “optimization of the processing of big data information by the day before and business intelligence”, after having completed the interdepartmental competition for the preparatory cycle at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration and followed a year of training (2000 – 2001).
José GIANNESINI, former senior bank executive and former company director. Lecturer, Symposium facilitator, trainer-domains: local finances, project Assembly, social housing, real estate promotion.
Mélanie Pauli-Geysse is clear responsible for public affairs and CSR for the spring group. She began her career in 2011 as a parliamentary Adviser to the Senator of the Aude. In 2014, she became ministerial adviser in trade and crafts to the Secretary of State for trade, crafts, consumption and social and solidarity economy within the Ministry of economy and finance. In 2016, she AAFC the General management of companies. She holds a double master’s degree from the College of fine arts and political science.
Fabrice graduated from the National School of Arts and crafts-Institute of technology of Paris (Aix en Provence). Responsible for the security of information systems, IT expert for more than 20 years in systems and networks of secure communication, on behalf of the French administrations. Professor of computer science and project management for students of BAC and license Pro. Negotiator for technological and industrial armaments products. In charge of the strategic governance of information and communication systems, the development of security policies of sensitive networks, and the perfect integration of information systems in the various projects. Supervision of the security audits, implementation of the action plans for the insurer continuity of service and activity, coordination in liaison with the clients of the present directorates of the service offerings distributed within the departments.
Director of the Cabinet of a territorial elected officer, Bernard GARCIA-VICENTE is a former collaborator of politicians, former Chargé de missions to the President of a professional Federation. He has been emptying different positions abroad for private companies in the area of relations with the authorities.
Erick MAYER, external data protection Commissioner, is senior project manager. After a career in safety in various services, Erick has developed a consultancy activity in France and in Eastern Europe. Erick is a specialist in physical and logical audits, issues of economic intelligence (especially in the setting up of countermeasures) in the fight against money laundering and counterfeiting.
Michèle DODIER: after 35 years in the Air France group, I was born to reorient my career in order to put. skills available to smaller companies. Creator of Aero safety consulting in March 2017, I intervene since as a Council or trainer in services also evolve as security management systems, safety, crisis management, quality in the broadest sense, health/safety at work… This conversion gave me opportunity to see my activity from a different angle, with constraints present and a great deal of pleasure to raise in skills my different interlocutors.
A graduate of a master’s degree in information system, Yan Saint-GERMS has 16 years as a data architect and project manager (Micropole, Teradata, PwC) and has a counterpart in entrepreneurial business.
Specializing in the study and implementation of data and analytical solutions, he also has a solid experience in the fields of finance, Telecom, public service, insurance and sales.
Cécile HAMSY, artist painter, videographer,
Studies: philosophy, theatre, Beaux-Artsformerly producer of broadcasts at Radio-France on the phenomena of society, psychoanalysis, religions, cinema