Ethical Charter

  1. Our circle of reflection opens to all opinions in the respect of rules of conviviality and courtesy.
  2. Any person wishing to support, contribute or adhere to both the work and the debates and activities of the think tank "freedom and foresight" undertakes to respect this Charter and to share its general objectives.
  3. In order to preserve the clarity of the debates and respect for the freedom of expression of everyone, the rules of the debate oblige to respect the speaker's speech during his presentation, to listen attentively while waiting for his turn to express himself. Discussion topics and comments cannot be political, religious, sexist or racist.
  4. Guests may be invited, accompanied by the sponsoring member who advises the organizers beforehand and vouches for them.
  5. During the mail exchanges related to the think tank "freedom and foresight", the personal addresses of the boxes must remain in hidden copies.
  6. The private space on the think tank website "freedom and foresight" is accompanied by a password reserved for the members therefore not to communicate. This password will be changed regularly. Members will be kept informed of these changes by email.
  7. Except under the control of the elect, membership in the think tank "freedom and foresight" does not authorize any member to speak on its behalf, nor any other use of the concept and image of it in the context of a commercial, civil, political or personal.
  8. On the Internet, social networks or any other medium, copies or publications of the works, documents, mails or information of the private space of the website of the think tank "freedom and foresight", are strictly forbidden and subject to the rights author of the Association and the contributing members.
  9.  All debates and events of the think tank "freedom and foresight" are of a private nature and cannot be the subject of any photo, audio or video recording or any transcription without express permission of the Office. Only its managers and the communication officer can disseminate information, photos or recordings of the works.
  10. These work provisions and precepts will allow us to approach our work in the best conditions and in the respect of each Member and guest of the think tank "freedom and foresight".